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239 Loans - Business Capital for Growing Businesses
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By clicking the link above you will be sent to our online application. There is no credit inquiry done until. (3) months of business bank statements are emailed to us. Once bank statements and application have been evaluated and the applying business has been pre-qualified, a soft credit inquiry will be performed by our funding partners. By applying you are providing express permission to contact you. We are not a direct loan provider. 239 Loans owner has brokered business capital since 2014.

If your business has more than 6 months operating, depositing more than $10,000 monthly and going into a business checking account, then please apply with us, by clicking below:

What exactly is Business Capital?

Business Capital includes many types of capital (money) that a business can access, including: 

- Working Capital                                   
- Commercial Real Estate Loans

- Business Loans                                   
- Revenue Based Funding (Bank Statement Loans)

- Business Lines of Credit                       
- Business Credit Card Stacking (Start up Funding)

- Equipment Financing                           
- Sale Lease Backs on Revenue Producing Equipment

- SBA Loans                                           
- Asset Based Loans / Po Financing

At 239 Loans, we specialize in knowing the right type of funding, based on your current scenario. Not sure what type of funding to apply for? That's OK, after a short phone consultation, we can provide custom guidance.  


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