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Loans for business with less than 2 years operating
Business Line of Credit in Florida, SWFL, Nationwide
Working Capital Loans in SWFL, Term Loan in Lee County, Business Loan in SWFL
ERC Funding in SWFL, Cannabis Loans , Asset Based Loans in SWFL, Hard Money Loan in Florida

Start Up Funding (under 2 years)

- Business Credit Cards

- Personal Loans

- Revenue Based Funding (MCA)

- Business Line of Credit

- Equipment Financing


Start Up Funding (under 2 years)

Start up doesn't always mean "pre-revenue". It can also mean any business under 2 years of revenue.

Empowering Start-Ups with Tailored Funding Solutions

At, we understand the unique challenges faced by start-ups in securing the necessary funding to fuel their growth. We know that Businesses with under 2 years operating have dynamic needs, and traditional funding avenues often fall short. That's why we've curated a range of start-up funding options designed to support your entrepreneurial journey, regardless of your industry or financial background.

Versatile Funding Options for Emerging Businesses

Business Credit Cards (Credit Card Stacking)

Leverage the power of credit card stacking to manage cash flow and expenses without diluting equity. Ideal for start-ups seeking flexible spending solutions with rewards.

Personal Loans for Business Purposes

Utilize personal loans to fund your business endeavors, offering a straightforward path to capital with potentially lower rates. A smart choice for founders with strong personal credit scores.

Revenue-Based Funding (MCA/Bank Statement Funding)

Opt for a revenue-based approach to secure funding that aligns with your business's cash flow. Perfect for businesses with consistent sales, seeking minimal impact on ownership.

Machinery & Equipment Financing

Invest in new or used machinery and equipment to escalate your operational capacity. This financing option is suited for start-ups looking to enhance efficiency without upfront costs.

Why Choose for Your Start-Up Funding?

  • Personalized Solutions: Our funding experts tailor financing options to match your start-up's unique needs and growth objectives.

  • Flexible Terms: We offer a variety of repayment options to ensure your financial stability and business growth.

  • Fast and Efficient: Quick application process and swift funding decisions to get you the capital you need without delay



Embark on your business journey with confidence, backed by the comprehensive funding solutions at Whether you're seeking to manage day-to-day expenses, invest in growth, or secure your operational needs, we're here to support your start-up every step of the way. Apply today and unlock the potential of your business!

Discover the ideal start-up funding option for your business. Visit now to get started!

Loans for Florida Manufacturers, Factory Loans, Equipment Funding or Loans in 239

What services do you offer?

At 239 Loans, we offer access to business capital. Whether you are seeking capital to start up a business, expand a current business or acquire a competing business we offer various approaches and funding options to get the solution to the problem. 

We offer over 50 different types of funding programs, which can include: business term loans, business lines of credit, sale leaseback programs on equipment, revenue based funding also known as merchant cash advances (MCA). We can help your business buy property for rent, hold or development. Business credit cards for start ups and even personal loans if credit permits (700+). 

At 239 Loans, we also offer programs to reduce your merchant processing fees 30% on average. We offer credit restoration programs for credit challenged business owners. And debt consolidation solutions for business owners who have way too much debt on their hands and need a solution that won't compromise their credit ratings. 

Business Term Loan in Florida, Line of Credit in SWFL, Business Loan near me

Why should I use you over a bank?

Banks are slow, full of red tape and aren't motivated to provide loans or credit to businesses seeking less than $10MM. Financially speaking, it doesn't "move the needle" for large banks to issue loans to small business owners. 239 Loans provides capital in DAYS as opposed to banks who can take WEEKS. We do not require anyone to visit us in person as our whole process is done ONLINE. Our rates are competitive and many times EQUAL to your local bank. If you qualify at the local bank, you will certainly qualify for the same rates with us. Additionally, if you do NOT qualify at the bank, you may still qualify for capital through one of our many partners as we have over 200 funding sources that we work with. While banks will continue to tighten their lending box and say NO throughout 2023, at 239 Loans, we will continue to say YES to working with business owners like yourself, till we get you the funding you seek. 


SBA Loans in Florida, Small BUsiness Loan, Fast Business Loan

Which lenders do you have access to?

With almost 10 years of experience in lending, we have partnered with nearly every online lender, private funding source on the East coast and financial institutions from across the country. We work with equipment financing companies, family offices, investment groups, private equity firms, hedgefund investors, merchant cash advance factors and funders, liquidity providers, syndication groups and SBA partners across the country who specialize in almost every industry imaginable. While our network of funding sources is vast, the real expertise is knowing WHERE to apply and WHAT to expect QUICKLY. Don't waste your time applying aimlessly online hoping to get the best deal. We know where to go!


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